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Paddleboard 2Here is a little Guided Meditation I put together this year:

So, its been an enlightening, frightening, and soul loving journey. The last 8 years after my Western Medicine diagnosis of “probable Stroke”, I have been lead to all sorts of holistic healing modalities.  From John of God, to Ayurvedic medicine, to Naturopaths, to Reiki and Energy Healing, to EFT, to Hypnosis, etc. I have also been keeping a watchful eye on the Peer Reviewed Journals of Medical Testing and the cold hard science.  I would say its been a very “integrated Medicine” type of path.  Last week I received a new “diagnosis” and to be honest, it came from my inner knowing.

I have been praying for 8 years to find a reason for the numbness in my left side and why at times it gets a little worse and then there are times when its almost non-existent.  Years of chiropractic were helpful for the symptoms, yet I could not get to that place of permanent healing.  I had always felt I needed more work in my spiritual and mental arena.  I am a firm believer that my subconscious beliefs and patterns are very powerful and can either elevate me or hinder my success.  With that said, I have been on a strong spiritual path this year.  I have become very tuned into my body and my emotions as they come up – not after I am knocked down on the ground by a major illness!

This year I also became very aware of how many people I knew were being diagnosed with Lymes Disease.  Two weeks ago, I asked my Naturopath to test me for it.  She asked me, “Why”?  I told her because this illness keeps coming into my awareness and I do exhibit some symptoms.  My naturopath muscle tested me and it was a “maybe”.  She sent me to the lab saying, “We can test you for the antibodies, but I don’t sense you have it.”  A week later in her office, she says, “You should really trust your intuition because the blood work shows you have signs of Lymes Disease.”  Because the accuracy of the Lymes Disease tests are full of False Negatives, it is difficult to assess.  But, the route she took shows there is definitely something depleting my immune system.  More testing will need to be done, and we are starting with some herbs to clear and heal my body.

When I was told about the results, I had a combination of feelings; depressed, sad, scared and relieved!  I was depressed that I had waited so long to find out this information and what I could have done 8 years ago for my healing.  I was  scared to find out there is something physically “wrong” with me.  I am sad, just because I feel sad and yet, I was relieved to my core to have some sort of answer.  Needless to say, I have been an emotional wreck this week. 

On a positive note, I am deeply grateful for my body’s natural ability to heal, because for the last 8 years I have done Cross-Fit, learned to Surf, played plenty of basketball, gave birth to a baby at age 41 NATURALLY, hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, started a WellBeing Practice, taught classes on meditation and reiki, spoke at Hoag Hospital about the power of meditation and healing, and went back to work full-time to solely support my family of 4!  Holy Moly!!!  If I can do all that with this illness, I can surely heal it and feel 100% consistently!!!

I have honestly LIVED more of my LIFE in the last 8 years than I have in all of my 44.  I have come to appreciate what I have more deeply than ever before.  I feel completely supported and ALIVE as I move through this next journey to the Sunlight of the Spirit!  I am eternally grateful for my DEEP RELATIONSHIP WITH MY HIGHER POWER!  If I were to have this type of diagnosis even 2 years ago, I would have been terribly anxiety ridden and simply drowning in fear.  Today, although a bit emotional, feel very peaceful.

Thank you for reading.  My intention with all my blogs is to ignite a part of your soul that leads you to the journey within.  To the place of utter joy and peace.  May we all come to know who we are without all the shells we picked up along the way, and live FULLY!

Love, Peace, and Excellent Health

Hope to see you next Sunday, March 9th for another Women’s Meditation and Reiki Healing.  This morning I pulled an Oracle Card for this group from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and received the “Yemanya – Golden Opportunity” message.  It goes on to state, “Important doors are opening for you right lk through them.  Like the ocean, life moves in waves and tides.  Timing is everything, so when an opportunity presents itself, you must dive in at that moment.  Everything that you’ve done to prepare yourself will accompany you.  Yet, if you hesitate or procrastinate, another opportunity will surely come along just as the tides wash in and out continuously.  Like the ocean, life is rich with variety and beauty. Enjoy experiencing its various rhythms, and allow all doubts to be washed away.” 

What I love about this card is the reminder that if we miss that opportunity, more will come just like the ocean continues to move in and out.  It seems so small and constricting to think that “I only have this one chance to do something amazing!”  This is where trusting your instincts and your heart come into play.  If we can be still and quiet, listen to our deepest value and highest voice, we will always make the right moves and decisions at the best time.  Life is EASY and it is SIMPLE.


Sinus pressure or headaches?  Hard boil a couple eggs and once they are done, cool just a bit.  Then roll on your face, temples, cheek bones, jaw, forehead and it is like a warm massage!!!  The eggs are the perfect shape and they stay warm for almost 40 minutes!  If you are not grossed out like my 12 year old, you can open them after and its a high protein snack!

Thank you for your continued support,
Click Here for a“SELF LOVE Meditation”

Date:            March 9, 2014 (Sunday)
Time:           10 am – 11 am
Location:   Blue Heron Portal
3337 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Donation:   $20
Let me know if you can make it!!! Send an email to jennifer@jenniferjade.com

or call/text 714-608-9040. Walk-Ins are always Welcome!

PARKING DETAILS:  There are 6 or 7 spots in the back parking lot.  There are a few free spots along the canyon by the nursery (not the spots at the Nursery entrance), and after that, it’s metered parking along Laguna Canyon North of the building.   Enter Bldg from the back door at the parking area.

For more information click here.    Read the  Meditation Group Flyer here.



Last week my BLT (Biggest Little Teacher) taught me the incredible lesson of TRUE BEAUTY.  After her example, I kinda snickered at the things I do and feel are a ‘big deal’.  I always think I have made a big difference when I do things like pick up trash on the beach or giving someone a hug that I’ve had relational challenges with, but BLT has taken the act of a “good deed” to a new authentic level.

Four weeks ago BLT started a new school- a middle school.  She only knew one person in the entire school and it was a boy that she was not close to.  She was very positive about meeting new people and figuring out how a new school works.  She even expressed her desire to meet everyone in the class and not create a “group” of friends.  So she was consciously sitting with different kids every day.   Her idea worked and through the weeks she was able to meet and know many of the 28 students.  Two weeks ago she mentioned one girl in her class did not like her.  I asked how she knew this to be true and she said, “Well she makes these really rude comments to me and rolls her eyes whenever I say something or join a group she is already in.”  I felt bad for my BLT, but I did not say much.  Last week she told me how another girl in her class was explaining to her, “You know why she does not like you?”  BLT said, “No, I don’t understand it.” The other girl said, “Because she is jealous of how pretty you are. She thinks she is ugly compared to you.” BLT was shocked because she thought the girl had the thickest pretties hair she had ever seen.  So, a little later in the day BLT walked over to the girl who did not care for her and said, “Hi, do you have a minute to talk?”  Fortunately the girls said, “Yes”.  BLT began,  “You know, I am sorry we have not been getting along so great. But, I guess I just feel a little jealous because you have such pretty hair and such pretty eyes.  You are so pretty!”  The other girl immediately responded, “I feel the same way about you!!”  Then they hugged and as BLT put it, “We are friends now.  And you know Mom, I was not lying, I really think her eyes and hair are super pretty!”.  WOW!  I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks onto a huge smile.  BLT, smiled and giggled as she knows how emotional I can be.  I  hugged her all up and told her how much I love her and how much she continues to teach me.

BLT has brought kindness and compassion to a new level for me.  I asked myself for a few days if I had that kind of courage to swallow my own hurt feelings and go above and beyond to nurture another.  Well, I am still asking myself that now.  Can you just imagine how beautiful our world would be if pride was not revered as sacred, but kindness and compassion were?

Thanks again BLT!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!

Being a pre-teen is not always bubble gum and Instagram.  For many young ladies especially in our society, it can be extremely difficult emotionally and socially.  This summer I had the opportunity to watch my Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) turn a class camping trip- gone- bad, into a moment of kindness and support for another.

As a finale to my BLT’s 10 year term at her amazing school, we decided to send her off with her classmates to Catalina for a week of fun in the sun.  There was no cellular use or Facetime, so for 5 full days we had no contact.  I assumed “no news was good news” and could not wait to hear all about it when she got back.  I excitedly raced to the pick up location, hugged her all up and settled her into our car to hear every detail of her trip.  Once inside, my stomach grew a rock and my heart raced as I watched her big brown eyes well up with tears and spill onto her dark sun tanned cheeks.

“Oh Honey, what’s the matter”? I asked.  BLT just put her head in her hands and sobbed and sobbed.  Because I can’t stand when she is sad, I began shotgunning questions at her like, “Are you hurt?”, “Do you feel sick”? etc.  Finally after about 10 minutes, she turns to me and tells me how she made a mistake.  She was starving and had taken a cookie from her friend (who she has known for 10 years) without asking.  She was planning to tell her and apologize when she saw her next.  But, another girl who saw her take it went and told the friend that BLT had stolen a lot of cookies.  Both of these girls were BLTs tent mates, and as the stories got bigger and bigger, so did the tension in the tent.  BLT offered apology after apology, but her friend would not hear of it.   The other girl kept egging on the situation causing even more anxiety and anger.  BLT was very sad that her friend would not speak to her or even look at her.  To make matters worse, the girls in her tent vandalized her belongings when she was away from camp. BLT felt sad, confused and alone.

BLT became very distraught and cried a lot that day at camp.  On the 3rd day some of the older girls who were there to assist, took BLT under her wing and gave her encouragement and support.  They were like angels with impeccable timing.  That same day, the two girls took BLT’s belongings and dropped them in the dirt and told her to “find another tent to stay in”.  Luckily, BLT was able to room with the older girls and a bunch of other campers that were having a blast!  Gratefully, the last two nights she made new friends and had fun.  But, the pain of loosing a friend and feeling terrible for breaking her trust stayed with her for a long time.

A week after returning from Catalina, we were swimming at our community pool.  I was busy with my 2 year old and BLT was off swimming with another girl I had never seen before.  I was happy to see BLT making new friends.  When the girl left, I asked BLT who her new friend was.  She replied by explaining how she witnessed her being bullied.  She was in the jacuzzi and heard two other girls saying mean things about her new friend.  They were scheming of ways to “ditch” her and so forth.  So, BLT went up to the girl being bullied and said, “I know how it feels to be bullied, I just went through a week of it at camp”.  BLT befriended this girl and they had fun swimming together until they all had to leave.

I felt inspired by BLT’s courage and friendly support.  It gave me a feeling of hope and an instant heart opening.  Angels are always with us and they often appear when we are willing to receive the help.  I am grateful for the Angels BLT found in Catalina, and I was encouraged when BLT payed it forward a few days later.  With the awareness BLT offered me, I look forward to the moment when I can reach out to another in need.

I love you so much my sweet ever growing Teacher!


I wish I could express in words my delight in having another meditation group scheduled for all of the Feminine Divine Energy to mix, mingle, relax and rejuvenate!!!  It is my greatest honor and pleasure to be leading a meditation group this Sunday from 10-11 am in Laguna Beach California.

The Monthly group has been powerful and calming and I have loved all the women who have been in attendance.  It is my highest intention that this group ignite the spark of light and truth that is inside each of us.  As we embody our Feminine Power we become energized and clear allowing us to assist in shifting the consciousness on this planet.  It does begin with each one of us.

If you are unable to practice NNSC (Non-Negotiable Self Care) please listen to this Chakra Balancing Meditation which I recorded with the Weekly Tele-Meditation Group!

Meditation Group Details:


Come join us for a chance to nurture yourself and create
physical, emotional, and mental healing.
This meditation group is designed to assist the beginner as well as the veteran
meditator to enjoy and maintain a regular practice.
Women rejuvenate physically and mentally when neurotransmitters such as Oxytocin are
produced in the body. One of the ways in which to build Oxytocin is through nurturing
ourselves and/or others. When women meditate and take that quiet time for themselves the
body naturally produces this healing “Love Hormone”.
In this Group you will receive:
~A Guided Meditation for Peace and WellBeing
~Easy and Simple Techniques to Use On Your Own
~Meditation Information
~Information on the Mind and How it Works
~Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Class Details:
Date:   August 11th – 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Location:  Blue Heron Portal
3337 Laguna Canyon Road Suite A, Laguna
Beach, CA 92651
Time: 10 am – 11 am
To Register:
Send an email to:   jennifer@jenniferjade.com
Call or text to: 714-608-9040
Registration is Appreciated and Walk In’s are Welcome!!!
The Group will be led by Jennifer Wong, WellBeing Facilitator at Jenniferjade Enterprises.
Jennifer is trained and certified in Hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT, and Meditation. For more
information on services to manage and eliminate stress please visit:

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