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In July 2006, I was diagnosed as having a stroke. My MRI showed 7 mm’s of damage just above the brain stem, of which I escaped death by 1 mm. Three quarters of my body was rendered extremely numb and walking required assistance. After leaving the hospital, I saw another Neurologist who reviewed my MRI along with 3 of her colleagues (one being her professor at UCI Medical Center). All agreed the MRI indicated I had suffered a stroke. I was put on blood thinners and told there was no guarantee the numbness and tingling would go away…. “it’s all up to God now.”

Determined to walk, get off the blood thinners, continue normal life functions as a mom, and have my diagnosis changed from stroke to one time oddity. I began a more regimented schedule of hypnosis, meditation, and other holistic modalities. I spent 20 minutes each day practicing self -hypnosis visualizations of my MRI displayed as totally normal, and seeing the neurons in my brain finding new paths to reconnect. Three months later, I had a second MRI and Spinal Tap to see if any changes had occurred. When I was called into my neurologists office, she sat me down and said, “It is a miracle.” Your MRI came back totally clean. The 7 mm of damage on your first MRI is no longer there. Your spinal tap came back normal as well. You did not have a stroke, so you can quit taking the blood thinners. It could have been a one-time virus- a fluke thing oddity. I was completely ecstatic with the news and knew I had made that happen! Since that moment, I’ve been amazed and in love with the power of the self. Because of my personal accomplishments and the accomplishments I’ve witnessed in others, I know we all own the power within ourselves to make positive changes and heal. I believe every single person has the ability to do anything, have anything, and be exactly who they want to be. It is my highest intent and true honor to assist others in finding their own strength, power and unlimited energy. Meditation and Self-Hypnosis are powerful keys to unlock your personal strength, truth and healing.

I was introduced to my first hypnosis session many years prior to my “stroke”. At the time, I had no idea what to really expect as my only experience with hypnosis were stage shows I’d seen at amusement parks. Immediately after my session, I was filled with this sense of personal power and relaxed energy. Because I’d always lived in such a tense, worrisome, and fearful world, the feeling was unfamiliar to me. By the end of my second session, I was convinced of the power, effectiveness, and thoroughness hypnosis offered. Through the years I had participated in traditional counseling, which assisted me with one issue or another but never really cured the wound. Hypnosis went right to the core of my issue, giving me the power to make specific, immediate, positive changes in my life. Through the daily use of self-hypnosis and meditation practices, I’ve enhanced the quality of my life on all levels.

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