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Paddleboard 2Here is a little Guided Meditation I put together this year:

So, its been an enlightening, frightening, and soul loving journey. The last 8 years after my Western Medicine diagnosis of “probable Stroke”, I have been lead to all sorts of holistic healing modalities.  From John of God, to Ayurvedic medicine, to Naturopaths, to Reiki and Energy Healing, to EFT, to Hypnosis, etc. I have also been keeping a watchful eye on the Peer Reviewed Journals of Medical Testing and the cold hard science.  I would say its been a very “integrated Medicine” type of path.  Last week I received a new “diagnosis” and to be honest, it came from my inner knowing.

I have been praying for 8 years to find a reason for the numbness in my left side and why at times it gets a little worse and then there are times when its almost non-existent.  Years of chiropractic were helpful for the symptoms, yet I could not get to that place of permanent healing.  I had always felt I needed more work in my spiritual and mental arena.  I am a firm believer that my subconscious beliefs and patterns are very powerful and can either elevate me or hinder my success.  With that said, I have been on a strong spiritual path this year.  I have become very tuned into my body and my emotions as they come up – not after I am knocked down on the ground by a major illness!

This year I also became very aware of how many people I knew were being diagnosed with Lymes Disease.  Two weeks ago, I asked my Naturopath to test me for it.  She asked me, “Why”?  I told her because this illness keeps coming into my awareness and I do exhibit some symptoms.  My naturopath muscle tested me and it was a “maybe”.  She sent me to the lab saying, “We can test you for the antibodies, but I don’t sense you have it.”  A week later in her office, she says, “You should really trust your intuition because the blood work shows you have signs of Lymes Disease.”  Because the accuracy of the Lymes Disease tests are full of False Negatives, it is difficult to assess.  But, the route she took shows there is definitely something depleting my immune system.  More testing will need to be done, and we are starting with some herbs to clear and heal my body.

When I was told about the results, I had a combination of feelings; depressed, sad, scared and relieved!  I was depressed that I had waited so long to find out this information and what I could have done 8 years ago for my healing.  I was  scared to find out there is something physically “wrong” with me.  I am sad, just because I feel sad and yet, I was relieved to my core to have some sort of answer.  Needless to say, I have been an emotional wreck this week. 

On a positive note, I am deeply grateful for my body’s natural ability to heal, because for the last 8 years I have done Cross-Fit, learned to Surf, played plenty of basketball, gave birth to a baby at age 41 NATURALLY, hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, started a WellBeing Practice, taught classes on meditation and reiki, spoke at Hoag Hospital about the power of meditation and healing, and went back to work full-time to solely support my family of 4!  Holy Moly!!!  If I can do all that with this illness, I can surely heal it and feel 100% consistently!!!

I have honestly LIVED more of my LIFE in the last 8 years than I have in all of my 44.  I have come to appreciate what I have more deeply than ever before.  I feel completely supported and ALIVE as I move through this next journey to the Sunlight of the Spirit!  I am eternally grateful for my DEEP RELATIONSHIP WITH MY HIGHER POWER!  If I were to have this type of diagnosis even 2 years ago, I would have been terribly anxiety ridden and simply drowning in fear.  Today, although a bit emotional, feel very peaceful.

Thank you for reading.  My intention with all my blogs is to ignite a part of your soul that leads you to the journey within.  To the place of utter joy and peace.  May we all come to know who we are without all the shells we picked up along the way, and live FULLY!

Love, Peace, and Excellent Health

Here are a couple Quotes I felt were in alignment with everything Jenniferjade Enterprises was founded upon. Exactly where are your thoughts today?  Did you know you have a choice in where they are headed?  Meditation gives you the awareness of where your at and then the awareness of when to REDIRECT!  Namaste!

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”
-Thomas Jefferson

One of the common questions I get asked when teaching a class or speaking to a group is, “How Do I Meditate?  I CAN’T SEEM TO MEDITATE because I have all these thoughts in my head!”  This is a common concern with all meditation and until you have received the facts of meditation, its easy to get discouraged.  Let me begin by stating, “MEDITATION IS NOT A THOUGHT ERASER”.  We are human beings with minds that create thoughts.  Guess what?  Even the Dalai Lama has thoughts at times while meditating.

Meditation is an alternative to the thoughts by providing a single point of focus that creates peace, calm and relaxation.  There are basically 4 things that happen during meditation:

1.   Thoughts – As humans we have approximately 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day.  It would not be practical to sit down for 30 minutes and erase them all! Thoughts are a part of life.

2.   Sleep – Yes, it is not uncommon to fall into sleep during a meditation.

3.   Silence/”The Gap” – This is the ultimate place of peace and connection to Source.

4.   The Point of Focus – Breath, Mantra, Affirmation, etc.

When you meditate you can expect any of the above 4 things to happen, and you are doing the meditation correctly!  When thoughts come in to your mind, simply return to your point of focus.  If you are focused on your breath, let the thought come up, then return to your breath.  If you are practicing a mantra or affirmation, notice the thought and go back to the mantra, etc.

If you are falling asleep regularly during meditation, it probably means you need more sleep.  You can also try practicing meditation during the middle of the day until you become more accustom to meditating.  Rest assured, as you continue to practice meditating you will stay conscious more and more.

If you feel you would like to meditate more regularly and want to have the comfort of an accountability partner, check out our Weekly Guided Tele-Meditations.  You can also listen to a free guided meditation here!



WOW, what a great month February has been for truthful awareness and love!  I was talking to my friend who is having a tough time with everything lately and last night he lays this heavy hug on me and says, “we’ll get through this”, and I had to respond with, “Its just life, its no big deal really. Just put one foot in front of the other, the mountain is only as big as we see it.”  He didn’t like what I said because he is in a different space and that is ok.  But, I was happy for the change in me that I suddenly witnessed… Lately, life is not that big of a deal especially if I have my health.  I feel that everything always seems to find a balance somewhere or its time to leave the planet, so why worry?  For today, by the grace of God, I am in a good space.  I am so grateful!  I pray this awareness lasts forever. 🙂

My favorite take away from one of my most powerful books (A New Earth) goes something like this, “We know the universe is always giving us opportunities to increase our awareness… How do we know this to be true?  Because if we were suppose to be somewhere else, we would be.” ~Eckhart Tolle.  We are exactly where we are suppose to be – period. 

This month I have been focusing on Love and the power of the Heart in my Weekly Guided Tele-Meditation Group and I have had the blessing of discovering the difference between the power of my true heart and that of my mind.  The magnetic field of the heart is 100 times more powerful than that of the brain, therefore it is my mind that suffers a “broken heart” not my heart.  The heart is strong and solid and constant.  The heart is our direct connection to God/Source/Higher Power and Source is bigger than any emotion.

I’ve come to learn that my heart is not seduced by emotions either, that is the manifestation of my mind creating plays and stories about how things are suppose to be.  It isn’t that we are to become emotionless beings, but being aware of the Truth is powerful.  I gained so much power in realizing that when a boy ended a relationship with me it was not personal, it was how it was suppose to be.  If my heart was in the lead back then I would have hugged him, told him I loved him, and wished him all the best on his journey.  Instead, my mind told me I was not good enough and he was an ass and “poor me”!  My mind told me the whole relationship was terrible because it did not turn out the way I imagined or wanted which was an expectation too great to be true.  Without expectation there is acceptance.  Where there is acceptance there is the power of Spirit and True Love.  The Heart is all about acceptance, the mind is all about expectations.  By transcending the mind, I have been able to connect fully with my Heart.  I have become FREE!

My wish is that you too join the ranks of Freedom whenever you can.  If you are looking for peace of mind or freedom of heart, try sitting quiet and listening to your heart.  Do not be seduced by the emotions created by the mind which has painted a very small picture of what your heart is. Go deeper into that space of oneness where acceptance is key and notice the shifts.  It may take time, so keep at it.  If you do, you will experience a freedom greater than you have ever known.

If you want to meditate more regularly subscribe to the Weekly Guided Tele-Meditation Group, and listen to the recorded meditations of the Heart!

Jennifer Wong, CHT

I fell apart sitting here today looking at pictures of my dad (who has been recently diagnosed with early signs of Alzheimer’s)…. I simply lost it.  Maybe its the crazy energy today or its just time to really grieve.  I’ve been loosing a lot of people… at least in the way I’ve known them, and it hurts.  I am devastated still by the events at Sandy Hook elementary school.  Its not just the fact that little kids died, but its how crazy and far from love our world has become.  It hurts me deeply.  That may sound sappy or overly dramatic but its really true for me.  I sat and talked to God while in tears today and came to my truth…. the world is hurting, and I can’t help but feel it.  I try to over ride it with positive thoughts and intentions, but sometimes I really need to feel it to the core.  I need to recognize the truth that is happening inside me as a human and a spiritual being and then I can move forward.  But, when I hold it in, I am held back.  I can’t be loving or supportive to others or my family when I am lying to myself.

I came across an article noting a recent study published in Psychological Science regarding the 19,200,000 adults in the US who suffer with a phobia.  The researchers discovered the best way to conquer a phobia is to talk about what is bothering us.  A study was done with 88 people who had a fear of spiders.  Each person was asked to approach a large live tarantula two times.  The people who expressed their fear/emotions about the spider in the first round were able to get closer to the spider a week later than those who kept the fear to themselves.  They also found those who expressed their fear had dryer hands the second round.  So, its not just some fluffy idea to talk about your fears, it actually reduces the negative emotion.  There is a lot of power in standing strong in our truth, even if its not what society, friends or family may want to hear!

It is becoming crystal clear to me that NOW is the time to honor the TRUTH –  all truths. Even those that are horrible and ugly.  Its time to honor both sides of the coin, to recognize the things that don’t feel good as true too.  I can’t turn a blind eye to tragic event anymore than I can to my own daughter having emotional or homework issues.  I do need to manage my energy and often I hand it all over to God.  My biggest challenge is knowing my part and deciphering whether my ideals and desires are coming from my ego or my God.

Meditation tends to bring me massive peace and clarity where I had none previously.  Prayer goes right along with it.  And certain days I struggle with knowing what is my part.  What do I need to be doing?  I was not created to stand by and watch, I just wasn’t.  I am the one who goes in and asks the hard questions, I am the one that stirs the pot when things are not right, I am the one that bruises my tongue on harsh words that I meant to be helpful, who makes people uncomfortable, and who soothes the pain when it becomes too much.  God put so much fire in my make up its really uncanny…  Not to mention, birthed me in the year of the Rooster who is known for stirring the pot!  There is so much, and it feels like I am opened wide today with all of it.

For today, I let the God of my understanding know I am willing to be a servant of the light and the Universe.  I am willing to do what is shown and asked of me even if it seems like a lot- or not enough.  What I know today, is that I don’t know.  I also see how much I want to know.  I am aware that its all about God and letting Gods will be done, however all miracles are done through people……so…where am I a miracle worker?

Today, I send my love and my good energy to the world in pain, to those with broken hearts and broken lives.  I send light into that darkness and ask that the darkness shrink as the candles continue to burn in each of us.  There are no mistakes, therefore neither are you nor I.

Truth, Love, Light, and Acceptance be in you and me.

To learn to Meditate or listen to a guided meditation, click here.

For some deep healing listen to Marianne Williamson’s talk from last Monday, December 17, 2012.

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