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BIGGEST LITTLE TEACHER | Jennifer Jade Enterprises | Meditation | Hypnosis | Peace of Mind - Part 3
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So, I pick up My Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) after not seeing her for a few days, and we begin chatting and catching up in the car. (It seems the car is magical because this is where we have some of our most amazing conversations!)  Right off the bat she asks me, “Do you ever have those moments when you are so so so so grateful for someone or something you just feel all this love?” Immediately I think of her, smile, and say, “Yep, I sure do!”   I ask her, “Who is it you are so grateful for?” (while hoping she will say “you mama!”)  BLT answers, “Kitty!  You know what Mom?  I didn’t think after all this time I’d still feel so grateful for Kitty. Gosh, I’ve had Kitty for over a year and I still feel so happy to have her! You know Mom,  it reminds me that I can be grateful for things even after I get them.  I don’t just need to say thank you when I get something, but I can feel that way after I have it.”

Then after such a profound statement, the conversation turned to farts and boogers, and we laughed our butts off!  But, in my soul, I was reminded and have not forgotten the importance of holding an ongoing attitude of gratitude.  BLT is right, “thank you” is not just for when I first receive a gift,  I can hold that feeling of gratitude even a year or a decade later.

What are you grateful for today?  Start with identifying 3 things, big or small, and notice how it just begins to grow.  May you hold an ongoing attitude of gratitude.

Last month while in Las Vegas with my Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) enjoying some much needed R&R, I had another funny and inspiring conversation with my nine-year old daughter.  She had just gotten the lead role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz musical, and was feeling like a star!  We were walking through the Mandalay Bay casino where we were staying and she was dazzled by all the lights and sounds.  She turns to me with a big smile and asked, “I wonder if they have a Wizard of Oz show here?”  I told her they probably did and that Vegas has lots of really great shows.  She got quiet for a second and then looked up to me and asked, “So do you think I could perform here one day?”  I told her, “Of course you could.  You can do anything you want to do!”  In the same breath she asks, “So, will you help me pound the sidewalk?”  I was confused for a second, and asked her what she meant.  She said, “You know, help me to get gigs.”  Then it hit me… “Do you mean pound the pavement?”  She gave a boisterous giggle and said, “Yeah!”

So there you have it!!  A 9 year old who is visualizing herself pounding the pavement in Vegas to get gigs… where there is passion, there are no limits!!!

A couple months ago my Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) was telling me about how her school was doing the Wizard of Oz as the summer Musical Theatre program.  She beamed, looked me straight in the eye and said, “I want to be Dorothy.”  I patted her on the head and smiled at her with encouragement.  However, on the inside my fears were triggered and I thought to myself, “What if she doesn’t get it? Oh My Gosh, what would I tell her?  How can we mend her broken dream?”  But since I always encourage BLT to go with her heart and go for her passions, we talked about the part often over the next few weeks.

As auditions came closer, BLT began to open her horizons and get excited about a few other parts as well.  Not sure if it was out of fear or simply the desire to act, sing, and dance no matter what.  I figured it was good to stay focused on the main desire and not be too attached.  When I picked her up from musical theatre last week, I was greeted by BLT with a HUGE smile and a coy, “Guess what Mommy?  Guess which part I got?”  I said, “Ummm, the Good Witch Glinda?”  She shook her head and nearly burst out, “I got Dorothy!!!”  It was a celebration of high-five’s, kisses and hugs. As we walked to pick up her things, she told me to come check out her bag.  Inside were a pair of sparkly ruby red slippers!!!  I asked her if she had worn them for the audition. She said, “No, I didn’t wear them, I just brought them for good luck!”  Oh man, did it WORK!!!  That’s living the dream.

When we got in the car I asked BLT, “So, how was the audition?  What did you have to do?”  She told me they did a very small acting part and that was it.  I was a little shocked to think they made the decision so easily.  But, later that evening while talking about how exciting it was going to be playing the part of Dorothy she says, “You know Mom, I was ready to be any part they gave me.  Before the audition they asked me 3 questions; 1 – name, 2 – Grade, 3 – Why I wanted to be in the Wizard of Oz.  I told them, ‘Jade, 4th grade, and I want to be a part of the musical because I love to act, dance and sing.  I am excited to be part of this.  I will do my best with any part you give me.”  I stopped walking and asked BLT if I heard her correctly about “any part you give me”.  She said, “Yeah, I said that.  Mom, I just wanted to be in it.”

Once again BLT teaches me a lesson… Put my heart into my dreams and keep the dream alive in anyway that feels right, while at the same time remaining unattached.  Be ready to accept whatever gifts may come.  Its in the “letting go” dreams come true!!!

Thanks BLT!!   I love you!!!

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A few months ago, I picked up My Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) from school.  She was really quiet in the back seat and I finally ask her what she was doing.  She hands me an 81/2 x 11″ sheet of paper she has colored pink  with the words, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”   Its beautiful. At the next red light, I turn to ask her, “How did you come up with that?”.  She casually states it is a quote from Martin Luther King.  I ask her if she knows what it means, and she tells me,  “its about being loving when others are hateful”.  Needless to say, I was impressed, and it now dons the fridge.

Fast forward to last week… BLT comes home from school and tells me about a classmate that has been giving her a hard time.  This particular classmate has been a thorn for BLT for 3 years… since she was 6.  I always tell BLT this particular classmate is really her “biggest teacher”, and  is teaching her about herself and how to deal with conflict.   Worried I may get a big sigh and “mom, give me a break”, I  took a chance and suggested she remember the beautiful quote from Martin Luther King that she wrote and put on the fridge. She gets very quiet for a moment, then looks at me and says, “I try, but I can’t seem to do it.  It is so HARD!”  I  grin on the inside as I know she is preaching to the choir.

BLT decides the solution is to offer some form of love instead of arguing with her classmate.  BLT tells me, “I think I’ll tell her, thank you for the lesson, and then walk away.”  I agreed she should try it as long as she means it with her heart.  BLT then says, “But, what if she just says, ‘what lesson?  How stupid!’?”  I asked BLT what she should do in that event.  She thinks for a minute and says, “I’ll just say it again and then say, ‘you are a good soul.’  Then, she will just be confused and we won’t argue anymore.”

I smiled… “Brilliant!”

Now, if I could remember to do that!!!  Opening the heart in the most frustrating and hurtful situations is true POWER.  I can’t wait to see if it works for BLT. I can’t wait to try it out myself!

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I was at the pool this weekend with my Biggest Little Teacher (She is 9), and we got into a rather in depth discussion about risks while wading in the warm jacuzzi. As usual, it was just her and I and I was not in the mood to get in the very cold pool water. She was bored and kept begging me to get in the pool with her. I was compromising by putting my legs in the jacuzzi. Since it was only the two of us, she begins to tell me about the “value of taking risks”. Whenever my BLT begins to talk in this way, my ears perk up and my mind (more…)

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