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I do hope you have been enjoying the warm weather and all the benefits that come along with lots of sunshine.  Even though it is hot, there is lots of vitamin D (the happy hormone) being produced in your body from that beautiful sun, and its free. tee hee hee!

I want to share with you my New Weekly Guided Meditation Group starting October 1, 2012 @9:30 am PST. For the last 7 years I’ve been teaching meditation and assisting people through my hypnosis practice, and been witness to the struggles and challenges people are having with doing and maintaining a meditation practice.  We all know meditation is good for our mind, body and soul yet we don’t have the time or patience to maintain a regular practice.

This meditation group is designed with the struggles in mind.  Not enough time?  The meditations are only 30 minutes in length and are recorded so you can access them at your convenience as much as you’d like.

Can’t stay in meditation when you do try?  Having the meditations guided allows for the listener to stay focused and go deeper relaxed.

Can’t stick to a weekly routine?  The nominal membership fee of $25/month is you accountability partner.

I’m not sure if I’m doing it right?  The live calls will offer Q&A from time to time, and as a member you can email questions to me any time!

Anything Else?  By committing to your personal growth and becoming a member you will also learn how the mind works (for and against you), quick and easy tools to use on your own to regain peace and relaxation, increase your personal connection to your Higher Power and Divine Self, clarity, inner truth and overall well-being!

If you would like the opportunity to check out the meditations and get more information before becoming a member CLICK HERE to sign up for the FREE Introductory call on October 1, 2012 @9:30 am PST.

It is my highest intention you develop and continue a successful meditation practice that enhances your life on all levels!



Thought for the day… “”Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness.”
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve heard it told to me in a way I could understand, “Let Go or Be Dragged!” LOL!!!

May you have a day of mental, spiritual and physical FREEDOM!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve decided to share my interview with the StressEraser after revisiting it last week because it contains some basic yet powerful information regarding meditation, hypnosis and stress relief. I thought it may assist anyone who might be thinking of moving in this direction but not quite sure what its all about.

The interviewer (Evan Birkhead) had never experienced meditation or hypnosis and asked me to do a quick relaxation session with him for stress relief.  It was fun witnessing his responses to the session which ranged from surprise to incredible satisfaction.  In fact, for a couple weeks after the interview he called asking for another session because of how well it worked.

The interview identifies what meditation and hypnosis are, how it works, how it can help with stress, the parts of the mind, brain wave patterns, etc.  It is a longer interview so if you want to review the mini session with Evan, its toward the end.

It is my highest intention you find this interview informative, useful and fun.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

If you feel inspired to give it a try, please contact me!

Click here to download the interview.

All my best!



After a break from meditations and hypnosis due to the birth of my new baby girl, I’ve been invited to offer a 5 week meditation class for Moms at a new center in Huntington Beach – Blossom OC.  It will begin on Saturday May 26th @ 10 am and run every saturday until June 23rd.  I wanted to offer this class because I suffered from extremely high blood pressure after my baby was born and was put on medication.  This made me even more anxious and stressed which of course raised my blood pressure.  The anxiety combined with the raging hormones made for a major craziness between my ears I couldn’t control!  Finally, in full desperation I called a colleague to work with me on relaxation hypnosis and guided meditation.  Within a week I noticed a huge difference in my anxiety and after another 10 days of guided meditation I was off the medication all together. 

It is amazing how a major life change caused me to forget all of my tools as a hypnotist and mediation instructor. However the experience also gave me the opportunity to reach out for support…something I am not accustomed to doing.  This experience really inspired me to offer something for other moms who feel stuck, alone, overwhelmed and anxious.  New Moms need to  know they are not alone and there are options available.  Meditation is the perfect medicine-free technique to balance the hormones, calm the mind and heal the spirit. In this class you will learn:

~  Effective Meditation Methods

~  How the mind works

~  How your mind learns and meditates best

~  How to return to a relaxed state on your own

~ How to relax again!

If you are a new mom, a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time mom and feel overwhelmed, anxious or having difficulties breastfeeding or dealing with the never-ending to-do list, come and relax and calm down for an hour.  Get your center back, find your groove and relax!  If this doesn’t resonate with you but someone came to mind while reading this, please forward the info to them!!! Can make for a great Mother’s Day Gift.

For Details and to sign up, click here!

May you be well and at Peace!


BlossomFlyer May 2012

Well, if you read the post prior you will understand why I am so happy I started my Tuesday morning with a meditation instead of a cup of coffee….

I get out of bed on Tuesday morning feeling peaceful and refreshed.  Life seems to have slowed down a bit and I deal with my daughters sluggish movement with patience and creativity.  We actually leave the house on time and she makes it to school a few minutes early.  Whew, that was a breeze!  I handle work tasks easily and efficiently and notice I have extra time to meet a girlfriend I’ve not seen in ages for lunch.  Feeling very happy and pleased, I confirm our lunch date.

I’m on the 5 freeway headed back home, minding my own business and listening to NPR. I’m cruising at a cool 75 mph.  There is an SUV in front of me and I see it suddenly tap its breaks and I notice debris on the road and see a ladder fly out from under it.  I feel like scene is happening at 1,000 mph, yet I notice every detail.  The ladder is parallel with the lines in the road so I figure I should hit it in the center of my car so as not to hit a tire or axel and loose total control of my vehicle.  Maybe, just maybe I will clear it.  Well, no such luck!  I hit the ladder and it makes the most horrible crushing sound in the front and under my car, and dust/smoke comes in through the vents.  My heart begins to race and I can’t seem to grasp any details.  Somehow I make my way to the emergency lane without hitting anyone as my car makes this ugly scraping noise over the pavement.  I wonder if the ladder is still stuck and dread seeing the damage.  Is the radiator smashed? OH man!

One of my worst fears is to be a sitting duck on the freeway.  My lovely mind decides to replay every scary image I’ve seen on TV where a semi careens off the road and hits a parked car in the emergency lane.  I’m nervous and terrified.  My hands shake uncontrollably as I dial for help. I make all the necessary phone calls while I keep my eyes fixated on the rear-view mirror.  I put the phone down and begin to worry that I’m too nervous and 4 months pregnant.  I need to calm down, if not for me, then for the baby.  I take inventory on the meditation/prayer tools I have and start with some deep breathing, focusing on the exhale.  With my eyes closed, I feel a little better.  I start to pray, begging for safety and help!  A story about Faith pops into my head and I suddenly remember that I do not have to be in control of this, there is an entire Universe of things out of my control.  I remember I can give this up to my Higher Power and rest in faith.  My prayer shifts to, “Ok God, I trust no matter what happens You will take care of me.  If I’m suppose to get hit, will you just make it as painless as possible?”  Physical shifts begin to happen… my heart is finding its pace, my hands are beginning to steady and my breathing is easy. I take a few seconds to do the creative meditation I teach and love.

I open my eyes and tentatively take a peek at the rear view mirror.  My mouth drops in astonishment when I see a CHP doing a round robin to close off the freeway about 1/2 mile back. No way!  I could hardly believe how quickly that worked!  Instantly, I was calm and focused.

I have to admit, this prayer and meditation stuff really does work!  It doesn’t always happen instantly, but it does happen.  Today, I am eternally grateful to my Higher Power and the tools in my bag.

May you find peace and faith in the tools you have acquired!



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