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Welcome…Relax.. and Breathe….

Jenniferjade Enterprises was created to inspire you to take back your life through the use of simple and effective tools and experiences that will free you of stress and limiting beliefs allowing you to relax, obtain peace of mind and enjoy lasting good health!

We understand your time, energy and funds are precious so each meditation is kept under 20 minutes in length. The introductions are brief and intended to give a clean and direct explanation of what you are about to embark upon. With repeated use of the meditations you will learn various relaxation tools to use on your own, at any time and any place. We hope you walk away each time with a tool or awareness that will allow you to calm down in the middle of any storm.

For simple guided meditations designed for deep relaxation and increased performance, check out the meditation Products section of the site. Each meditation has been developed with your needs in mind.

We have found that inspiration is a joy that enlivens the human spirit at an exponential rate that outlasts any “quick fix”. In the spirit of spreading joy through inspiration visit our Happenings section, which is our energy infused Blog. Take a peek at the 3 main categories; 1-“Inspirations from BLT”, 2 – “Quick and Easy Tips”, 3 – “Meditations” and take what you need and enjoy.

It is our highest intention that you enjoy and resonate with the simple and effective offerings we have made available as a result of the inspiration we have received from you. May you relax, obtain peace and enjoy good health beyond measure!

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