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Jennifer Jade Enterprises was founded by Jennifer Wong to create awareness and accessibility to the power of the mind and the ability to heal and transform pain and  suffering through the conscious effort of visualization and meditation.

Jennifer Wong CHt RMT, can be reached for interviews and comments as well as instruction for individuals and groups so that she can share firsthand how powerful these simple techniques can change lives in a sustainable way.  She makes a dynamic, inspiring and informative guest or expert panelist in this area, as her story of recovering fully from a stroke at a young age to now having taught and lead hundreds of others to experience the same.

Bio:  Jennifer Wong, CHT
Jennifer Wong is a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Meditation Facilitator, and Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) who has been teaching simple and effective tools to individuals for their personal transformation for nearly a decade. Through public speaking and the modalities of Hypnosis, Meditation, EFT and Reiki Jennifer has inspired the use of “non-traditional” tools, which have resulted in livelong positive changes in her clients, students, and colleagues.

One of Jennifer’s strength is to provide programs and sessions that are customized to her clients needs.  Her knowledge base and genuine interest in each individual creates an environment for transformation and growth.  Clients and students are offered a new way of thinking that is congruent with their hopes and desires for continued success.

Since 2008, Jennifer has been teaching meditation and guided visualization classes at drug and alcohol recovery centers offering clients peace of mind and the ability to relax through the recovery process.  With simple techniques, clients are able to use the tools outside of the classroom.

In 2009, Jennifer was invited by South Coast Recovery to speak at the CAADE (California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators) Conference in Palm Springs, and in February 2013 she was invited by Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach to speak at the Stroke Support Group.

Congruent with her work in recovery, Jennifer has assisted hundreds of individuals overcome anxiety, phobias, addictions, anger, relationship issues, financial blocks, and health concerns in her private practice and through various workshops.

Faced with a personal health crisis and a sincere desire to be of service to others in their journey to truth and wellness that she continues her work and strives to be an example of hope and possibility.

Jennifer has had the pleasure of speaking and working with:

Casa Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Hoag Hospital Stroke Support Group, Newport Beach, CA

South Coast Recovery Center, San Clemente, CA

StressEraser, Carlsbad, CA

CAADE (California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators) Conference, Cathedral City, CA

Delta Wellness Group, San Juan Capistrano, CA

The Prosperity Project

BNI, San Juan Capistrano, CA

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