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Blog | Jennifer Jade Enterprises | Meditation | Hypnosis | Peace of Mind - Part 5
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After a break from meditations and hypnosis due to the birth of my new baby girl, I’ve been invited to offer a 5 week meditation class for Moms at a new center in Huntington Beach – Blossom OC.  It will begin on Saturday May 26th @ 10 am and run every saturday until June 23rd.  I wanted to offer this class because I suffered from extremely high blood pressure after my baby was born and was put on medication.  This made me even more anxious and stressed which of course raised my blood pressure.  The anxiety combined with the raging hormones made for a major craziness between my ears I couldn’t control!  Finally, in full desperation I called a colleague to work with me on relaxation hypnosis and guided meditation.  Within a week I noticed a huge difference in my anxiety and after another 10 days of guided meditation I was off the medication all together. 

It is amazing how a major life change caused me to forget all of my tools as a hypnotist and mediation instructor. However the experience also gave me the opportunity to reach out for support…something I am not accustomed to doing.  This experience really inspired me to offer something for other moms who feel stuck, alone, overwhelmed and anxious.  New Moms need to  know they are not alone and there are options available.  Meditation is the perfect medicine-free technique to balance the hormones, calm the mind and heal the spirit. In this class you will learn:

~  Effective Meditation Methods

~  How the mind works

~  How your mind learns and meditates best

~  How to return to a relaxed state on your own

~ How to relax again!

If you are a new mom, a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time mom and feel overwhelmed, anxious or having difficulties breastfeeding or dealing with the never-ending to-do list, come and relax and calm down for an hour.  Get your center back, find your groove and relax!  If this doesn’t resonate with you but someone came to mind while reading this, please forward the info to them!!! Can make for a great Mother’s Day Gift.

For Details and to sign up, click here!

May you be well and at Peace!


BlossomFlyer May 2012

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best to make you just like everybody else means to fight the greatest battle there is to fight and never stop fighting- the battle to be yourself.”EE Cummings.

My Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) blew me away Thursday night… we were once again at the dining table grinding over math problems. As usual she ended up in a bucket of tears.  The poor girl hates to cry in front of  people, so she bolts to the bathroom shuts the door and releases (I guess its the best place to release!LOL) . She comes out with red eyes and my heart melts.  I ask her sit down and talk to me about how she is feeling.  After a long silence she tells me, “Mom, I am the worst person in math in my entire class!” and the sobbing gets intense.  I want to cry with her, my heart is tearing from top to bottom.  Somehow I keep it together, and hold her hand as we talk.  She says, “Mom its the worst to know I am the only one in class that needs help, no one else is as terrible in math at me – in my whole class!”  She is so upset her body is lurching as she sobs.  I just let her cry because I had no words that felt right.  Instead of speaking, I began praying like a mad woman in my mind.

When the crying subsided I let her know I understood and we would work on it together – she did not have to go at it alone. I gave her examples of how I was the worst at physics my senior year in high school and the teacher used to pass our tests back to us and announce our grade with attitude as he put it on our desk.  Talk about humiliating.  “Ms. Wong D+!”  UGH!  So, I told her how I did not want to hear that again and I actually spent time at home focusing and studying.  The next test I heard, “Ms. Wong… nice job B+… What happened?”  BLT was curious.  I pointed out how she is totally great at creative writing and drawing.  She responded with, “Yeah, but that is not going to get me a grade to pass 5th grade!”  Then she remembered, “Ms. Anita at school told me to write 10 positive things about myself and put it on a mirror.”  I told her that was an excellent idea!!!  I asked her to put her math aside and do it.  She hesitated and asked, “What if I can’t think of 10 things positive about myself?” Because I can’t help myself I talked to her about how the subconscious mind believes what we tell it because it cannot tell the difference between truth and make believe, so we might as well tell it what we want even if we don’t totally believe it yet.  Funny thing, she totally understood my “hypno talk”!LOL!!!  I left the room and she wrote down 10 positive things about her self, put them on stickies and added additional tape for added security.   She placed them on the mirror in our bathroom.  When she was done we came back to the math… she finished the entire worksheet in 1/3 the time it took her to go through 3 problems!  She got them right too. 🙂

Its times like these BLT reminds me just how powerful the heart and the subconscious are in our everyday lives.  I was so glad to see that one of her sticky notes read, “I have God in me”.  Positive energy works on such a grand scale that even I benefited from her process… every time I walk into the bathroom guess what I see…that’s right 10 positive things about Me!!!

Once again, listen to your children and notice the unexpected wisdom that will blow your socks off!



Jennifer Wong, CHt.
Group Meditation and Self-Hypnosis Instructor

When I was first exposed to Hypnosis, I thought it was this strange controlling magical “thing” that could make me look crazy.  Of course, I received my conclusions from highly scientific resources – Stage Shows and Hollywood.  But having actually completed the research and training I now know the truth about Hypnosis!  Here are some easy and factual bullet points about what Hypnosis “is” and “is not”.

Hypnosis IS:

  1. Focused Attention and Concentration.
  2. Something we have all experienced in our lives.
  3. Safe and Effective.
  4. Documented in cave drawings 100,000 years ago and throughout ancient and modern times.
  5. Recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1951.
  6. A state of being in which you can remember and recall the experience.
  7. Available and works on all persons of normal intelligence.

Hypnosis Is NOT:

  1. Sleep
  2. Going into a coma state and coming out completely unaware of what happened
  3. A tool to get others to do what you want
  4. Clucking like a chicken
  5. Brain Washing
  6. Only for the “weak minded”
  7. Something you can get stuck in

So, you may ask, What does Hypnosis Feel like?

Have you ever found yourself day dreaming or “zoning out”?  Have you ever gotten into your car, left your house, arrived at your destination and not remembered some or part of your trip?  Yet you managed to make all the correct turns, stop at the lights and arrive in one piece.  Have you ever been reading a book or magazine, get to the bottom of the page and have no idea what you just read, yet you were wide awake?  How about noticing a bruise on your body and wondered, “How the heck did that get there?” Yet if someone were to say, “Hey let me give you a matching bruise” you’d jump back in anticipation of the pain.  These are all examples of being in a state of hypnosis.  Hypnosis is simply “Zoning out” on purpose.

Now, are you wondering, “Can I zone out on purpose?  Can I be hypnotized?”

The answer is simple – YES!  You already have been hypnotized hundreds if not thousands of times in your life.  Since you are reading this now, it is simply a sign that you are ready.  It is not difficult and it does not take long.  The only necessary component on your part is your willingness to experience it.  So long as you are of normal intelligence and do not have a serious mental illness you can be hypnotized.

So, why Hypnosis?

Are you tired of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results?  Hypnosis is a medium in which you can connect to the major brain center of your being.  It is a direct link to your Subconscious mind where all of your long standing patterns, habits, behaviors and beliefs are stored.  Hypnosis allows you to become aware of pattens that cause you to suffer and patterns that allow you to flourish.  Imagine if you could finally identify and move beyond the block that has kept you in a state of anxiety and fear, or kept you from enjoying the wealth and prosperity you have always desired, or the amazing relationships you have dreamed of.  How would it feel if you could be free of the anchors that have held you back for so long?  What kind of freedom could you experience if you only knew what it was that kept you from being happy, healthy and whole?  This is the kind of transformational change hypnosis can bring about in a short amount of time.

How long do the benefits of Hypnosis last?

That really depends on the individual.  If you are sick and tired of being in that rut or have a strong willingness to thrive it could will a lifetime.  Because I believe life continues and change is all there is, in my practice I offer tools that compliment any work we do together so you can continue on an upward path.  I teach all my clients self-hypnosis and meditation techniques that are simple, effective and designed for the individual.

I do hope this information dis-spells the spells of hypnosis,and you found it helpful.  If you are looking to make lasting changes I invite you to continue on your path to discovery.  If hypnosis and mediation strike a positive chord within you please give me a call, I’d love to help!

Wishing you all the best on this adventure called “Life”.








May this find you well and eager to increase the success in your life on all levels.  Jack Canfield is an amazing author (The Chicken Soup for the Soul Books) and visionary teaching and inspiring individuals and groups around the world to become more conscious and live a higher quality life.

If you are interested in checking out his company, listen in on the coaching forum or ask a question… either way its FREE!  A good way to get a taste of his work and maybe open a door in your mind and soul.

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