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Looking for some additional Information to keep you going?  Here are some suggestions from Jenniferjade Enterprises that have increased our awareness and improved our ability to achieve Peace of Mind.  Enjoy!


“The Alchemist” – Paulo Coehlo

“The Pilgrimage” – Paulo Coehlo

“A Return To Love” – Marianne Williamson

“Anatomy of the Spirit” – Caroline Myss

“The Dream Giver” – Bruce Wilkinson

“You Can Heal Your Life” – Louise Hay

“Blink” – Malcolm Gladwell

“The Four Agreements” – Don Miguel Ruiz

“The Teaching of Don Juan” – Carlos Castaneda

“Man’s Search for Meaning” – Viktor E. Frankl

“Psycho-Cybernetics” – Maxwell Maltz

“Power vs. Force” – David Hawkins

“The Holotropic Mind” – Stanislav Grof

“The Power of Now” – Eckhart Tolle

“A New Earth” – Eckhart Tolle

“Strengths Finder 2.0” – Tom Rath

“The Power of Intention” – Wayne Dyer

“10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“The Success Principles” – Jack Canfield

“The Power of Focus” – Jack Canfield

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

“The E Myth” – Michael E. Gerber

“Autobiography of a Yogi” – Paramahansa Yogananda

“Hypnotherapy” – Dave Elman

“Many Lives, Many Masters” – Brian Weiss

“The Little Soul and the Sun” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Conversations with God” – Neale Donald Walsch


“The Energetics of Healing” – Caroline Myss

“The Shift” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“The Science of Miracles” – Gregg Braden

“The Secret” – Rhonda Byrne

“You Can Heal Your Life, the movie” – Louise Hay

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