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Chances are you have reached this page because you are curious how learning or practicing meditation and visualization will change your life.  You are not alone… over a million people a month look up meditation on the internet and that number is growing as people are beginning to realize they have the solutions and just need to look within.

Jennifer works with people at every stage of their journey, from those looking for their first experience to those who practice regularly and want the support of a professional.  She is someone who not only teaches but has used these very tools to recover fully from a debilitating stroke and improved her life at every level.   Once you have worked with Jennifer you have tools that will last you a lifetime and you will notice using them before bed, in the middle of a stressful situation or as a daily practice for overall well being.

Here are some ways to get started:


Weekly Guided Tele-Meditations

Want to learn to Meditate?  Need to commit to a more consistent meditation practice? Can’t seem to sit still long enough but know the benefits of meditation? This group was designed for you!

Join on the live call every Monday from 9:30-10:00 am (PST) and if you can’t make it, No Problem!  All the calls are recorded and as a member you have access to the full library.  You can listen to the playback via phone or your computer making guided meditation super easy!

Investment for your peace of mind, increased health and success:  $25/month.

Curious?  Listen to a FREE guided meditation Here!



Reiki is a healing modality in which the Universal Life Force Energy flows through the hands of the practitioner and through the recipient to allow for quantum healing on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental realms.  The energy is highly relaxing and when utilized in a prescribed fashion enhances the recipients own ability to heal.

Universal life force energy flows through every human body, and in a stress-free state our bodies can heal themselves.  However, with the toxins and pressures of environmental, physical and mental stress our bodies and minds get out of sync with life’s natural flow.  Reiki is a simple, yet powerful modality proven to bring the body and mind back into a natural rhythm for optimal performance, heightened awareness, clarity and sense of peace and calm.

Individual Sessions:

30 Minutes – $60.00
60 Minutes – $115.00



Feeling blocked or stuck in a pattern that is keeping you from achieving your goals? Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to clear out the blocks that have been holding you back.  Hypnosis allows for an incredible amount of awareness into the subconscious  mind where all of your patterns and behaviors are stored.  The best way to unlock that storage bin and release the old anchors is to comfortably and safely work with your subconscious.  Jennifer is highly skilled and trained in the process of hypnotherapy and has assisted many people with anxiety, addictions, phobias, focus, weight loss and smoking cessation.

Phone Consultation – FREE

Single Sessions – 90 Minutes Each – $295.00
3 Session Package – 90 minute Sessions – $840.00
5 Session Package – 90 minute Sessions – $1,400.00


Private Guided Meditation –  via telephone

Work with Jennifer one on one to learn, develop and deepen your meditation practice and transform your individual challenges or goals.  This work will help align you, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that you have increased awareness and a capacity to improve your life to the desired level.

3 Session Package – up to 60 minutes per session – $150.00
5 Session Package – up to 60 minutes per session – $250 ($50 discount)


Group Instruction & Meditation – In person

Jennifer has a wealth of experience leading groups through powerful visualizations and meditations that promote peace, healing, creativity, focus and productivity.  This is a powerful benefit and most powerful at a group level to employees, patients and groups working towards a single goal.  This service is perfect for businesses, health practices and groups that are seeking improved working conditions, performance and optimal health.

Please contact us if you would like to add this benefit or for a one time event for pricing.

Workshops & Teleseminars

Jennifer also hosts events and classes from time to time where you will get an introduction to her style and take away valuable techniques and tools you can apply right away.

Please check our Events page for upcoming calls.

You can also visit our Online Store to Download the Guided Meditation of your choice.




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