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Its that time of year when we are gearing up to be the best we can be for the new year.

The feeling is “New Year – New Mindset – New Body – New Life!

Many of us are cleansing our body’s and getting intentional or mentally fit for the new year, but how many of you are taking care of your Energy?  What do we mean by “energy”?  Its the part of you that attracts and blocks goals and desires whether you are conscious of it or not.

To assist you with accomplishing your intentions for the New Year, Jenniferjade Enterprises is now offering Energy Cleanses.  This cleanse offers a full mind, body, and spirit clearing.  These sessions combine the cleansing and healing properties of Reiki with Deep Guided Chakra Clearing using Hypnosis.  This combination creates an exponential cleanse that will last.

The sessions last 50 minutes and will leave you feeling rejuvenated, clear and relaxed.

To book a session please send an email to jennifer@jenniferjade.com or call 714-608-9040.

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