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My Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) blew me away Thursday night… we were once again at the dining table grinding over math problems. As usual she ended up in a bucket of tears.  The poor girl hates to cry in front of  people, so she bolts to the bathroom shuts the door and releases (I guess its the best place to release!LOL) . She comes out with red eyes and my heart melts.  I ask her sit down and talk to me about how she is feeling.  After a long silence she tells me, “Mom, I am the worst person in math in my entire class!” and the sobbing gets intense.  I want to cry with her, my heart is tearing from top to bottom.  Somehow I keep it together, and hold her hand as we talk.  She says, “Mom its the worst to know I am the only one in class that needs help, no one else is as terrible in math at me – in my whole class!”  She is so upset her body is lurching as she sobs.  I just let her cry because I had no words that felt right.  Instead of speaking, I began praying like a mad woman in my mind.

When the crying subsided I let her know I understood and we would work on it together – she did not have to go at it alone. I gave her examples of how I was the worst at physics my senior year in high school and the teacher used to pass our tests back to us and announce our grade with attitude as he put it on our desk.  Talk about humiliating.  “Ms. Wong D+!”  UGH!  So, I told her how I did not want to hear that again and I actually spent time at home focusing and studying.  The next test I heard, “Ms. Wong… nice job B+… What happened?”  BLT was curious.  I pointed out how she is totally great at creative writing and drawing.  She responded with, “Yeah, but that is not going to get me a grade to pass 5th grade!”  Then she remembered, “Ms. Anita at school told me to write 10 positive things about myself and put it on a mirror.”  I told her that was an excellent idea!!!  I asked her to put her math aside and do it.  She hesitated and asked, “What if I can’t think of 10 things positive about myself?” Because I can’t help myself I talked to her about how the subconscious mind believes what we tell it because it cannot tell the difference between truth and make believe, so we might as well tell it what we want even if we don’t totally believe it yet.  Funny thing, she totally understood my “hypno talk”!LOL!!!  I left the room and she wrote down 10 positive things about her self, put them on stickies and added additional tape for added security.   She placed them on the mirror in our bathroom.  When she was done we came back to the math… she finished the entire worksheet in 1/3 the time it took her to go through 3 problems!  She got them right too. 🙂

Its times like these BLT reminds me just how powerful the heart and the subconscious are in our everyday lives.  I was so glad to see that one of her sticky notes read, “I have God in me”.  Positive energy works on such a grand scale that even I benefited from her process… every time I walk into the bathroom guess what I see…that’s right 10 positive things about Me!!!

Once again, listen to your children and notice the unexpected wisdom that will blow your socks off!



Jennifer Wong, CHt.
Group Meditation and Self-Hypnosis Instructor

Even though I am the first to console someone whose had a bad day by telling them, “We all have days like that”,  I forget to apply it to myself.  That is until my Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) gives me a whopping reminder right between the eyes!!!

Last week was energetically rough for me.  Work was overly demanding, money issues, scheduling issues – you name it, I felt overwhelmed.  On one particular day my fella had a really rough day too, and when we came together that evening there was no room for error or understanding.  Basically, we snapped!  Dinner was very quiet except for BLT’s sweet voice telling all kinds of stories.  But on this day, her stories could not jar us out of our self pitying egos.  The three of us uncharacteristically spent the entire evening in our own spaces – separated.  My fella spent the evening in the bedroom reading, while BLT and I remained in her room doing homework.  The evening ended, and my fella and I went to bed angry.

Morning came and I felt horrible for the massive tension I’d created for BLT and the family in general.  By 6:30 am I decided to put my ego back in its sheath, and waive the white flag.  Before BLT awoke, I swallowed my pride, apologized to my fella, and made peace with a tight kiss and a good bye as he left for work.  Feeling sure I’d made BLT very uncomfortable the night before, I went in to wake her up and talk to her a bit before the day began.

She woke with a good attitude, which is not always the case for this night owl, and we spoke about the upcoming day.  I gently began to apologize for the evening events prior and explained, “Man, I apologize for being so grouchy yesterday.  I was really feeling angry and overwhelmed. I was even irritated with Sunny” (That is what she calls my fella).  She looked at me a little surprised and said, “Irritated with him about what?”  I thought, “oh no, why did I bother to bring this up, she didn’t even notice!”  But, since I opened the bag, I had to round up the cat…  “I was just irritated with him because of all my stuff going on. I simply lost my patience. I was having a really bad day.”  BLT, looked at me with soft deep brown eyes and said, “Well mom, everyone has days like that. Today will be better.”  I cannot lie, I was shocked!  BLT seemed so mature and aligned it was as if God were smacking me directly!!!  I smiled at BLT and gave her a big hug.  She looked up at me again and said, “Yeah, everyone has days like that once in a while.”

I do hope this reminder will assist you when you have one of those “days like that”.

All my best,


Last month while in Las Vegas with my Biggest Little Teacher (BLT) enjoying some much needed R&R, I had another funny and inspiring conversation with my nine-year old daughter.  She had just gotten the lead role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz musical, and was feeling like a star!  We were walking through the Mandalay Bay casino where we were staying and she was dazzled by all the lights and sounds.  She turns to me with a big smile and asked, “I wonder if they have a Wizard of Oz show here?”  I told her they probably did and that Vegas has lots of really great shows.  She got quiet for a second and then looked up to me and asked, “So do you think I could perform here one day?”  I told her, “Of course you could.  You can do anything you want to do!”  In the same breath she asks, “So, will you help me pound the sidewalk?”  I was confused for a second, and asked her what she meant.  She said, “You know, help me to get gigs.”  Then it hit me… “Do you mean pound the pavement?”  She gave a boisterous giggle and said, “Yeah!”

So there you have it!!  A 9 year old who is visualizing herself pounding the pavement in Vegas to get gigs… where there is passion, there are no limits!!!

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