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Hello Everyone!

I’ve decided to share my interview with the StressEraser after revisiting it last week because it contains some basic yet powerful information regarding meditation, hypnosis and stress relief. I thought it may assist anyone who might be thinking of moving in this direction but not quite sure what its all about.

The interviewer (Evan Birkhead) had never experienced meditation or hypnosis and asked me to do a quick relaxation session with him for stress relief.  It was fun witnessing his responses to the session which ranged from surprise to incredible satisfaction.  In fact, for a couple weeks after the interview he called asking for another session because of how well it worked.

The interview identifies what meditation and hypnosis are, how it works, how it can help with stress, the parts of the mind, brain wave patterns, etc.  It is a longer interview so if you want to review the mini session with Evan, its toward the end.

It is my highest intention you find this interview informative, useful and fun.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

If you feel inspired to give it a try, please contact me!

Click here to download the interview.

All my best!


An easy and wonderful way to start the weekend is with a quick meditation.  Remember, the way in which you start your day is how the rest of the day will naturally flow.  Wouldn’t it make sense to start the day clean and relaxed, instead of stressed and in a hurry?  We shower each day to get the sweat off our bodies, why wouldn’t we meditate and get quiet each day to wash the stress off?

Here is a simple and effective tool to get your weekend started right!

1.  Close your eyes

2.  Pay attention to how you are naturally breathing.

3.  Ask yourself, “Is my breathing short and shallow or long and deep?” and just notice what you notice. Do this for 30 seconds.

4.  Begin deep breathing – in through the nose, expanding at the navel; out through the mouth making the “HAAAAA” sound and contracting at the navel.  Your belly button should move away from your spine on the inhale and fall back toward the spine on the exhale.

5.  Make sure the exhale is longer than the inhale.  The exhale is where relaxation happens.

6.  Count in for “3” and out for “6”

7.  Take 4 deep “counted” breaths, then relax and be quite for as long as you need.

8.  Then, identify at least 3 things you are Grateful for. Repeat 3 times, “I am Grateful For….” and let the ending come naturally.

9.  When you are finished intend to open your eyes feeling calm and refreshed – then begin an Awesome Day!

For a guided introduction to this relaxation breathing technique, visit my website, scroll down and click on “Learn to Breathe and Relax”. http://www.jenniferjade.com/products/

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