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Last week my BLT (Biggest Little Teacher) taught me the incredible lesson of TRUE BEAUTY.  After her example, I kinda snickered at the things I do and feel are a ‘big deal’.  I always think I have made a big difference when I do things like pick up trash on the beach or giving someone a hug that I’ve had relational challenges with, but BLT has taken the act of a “good deed” to a new authentic level.

Four weeks ago BLT started a new school- a middle school.  She only knew one person in the entire school and it was a boy that she was not close to.  She was very positive about meeting new people and figuring out how a new school works.  She even expressed her desire to meet everyone in the class and not create a “group” of friends.  So she was consciously sitting with different kids every day.   Her idea worked and through the weeks she was able to meet and know many of the 28 students.  Two weeks ago she mentioned one girl in her class did not like her.  I asked how she knew this to be true and she said, “Well she makes these really rude comments to me and rolls her eyes whenever I say something or join a group she is already in.”  I felt bad for my BLT, but I did not say much.  Last week she told me how another girl in her class was explaining to her, “You know why she does not like you?”  BLT said, “No, I don’t understand it.” The other girl said, “Because she is jealous of how pretty you are. She thinks she is ugly compared to you.” BLT was shocked because she thought the girl had the thickest pretties hair she had ever seen.  So, a little later in the day BLT walked over to the girl who did not care for her and said, “Hi, do you have a minute to talk?”  Fortunately the girls said, “Yes”.  BLT began,  “You know, I am sorry we have not been getting along so great. But, I guess I just feel a little jealous because you have such pretty hair and such pretty eyes.  You are so pretty!”  The other girl immediately responded, “I feel the same way about you!!”  Then they hugged and as BLT put it, “We are friends now.  And you know Mom, I was not lying, I really think her eyes and hair are super pretty!”.  WOW!  I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks onto a huge smile.  BLT, smiled and giggled as she knows how emotional I can be.  I  hugged her all up and told her how much I love her and how much she continues to teach me.

BLT has brought kindness and compassion to a new level for me.  I asked myself for a few days if I had that kind of courage to swallow my own hurt feelings and go above and beyond to nurture another.  Well, I am still asking myself that now.  Can you just imagine how beautiful our world would be if pride was not revered as sacred, but kindness and compassion were?

Thanks again BLT!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!


WOW, what a great month February has been for truthful awareness and love!  I was talking to my friend who is having a tough time with everything lately and last night he lays this heavy hug on me and says, “we’ll get through this”, and I had to respond with, “Its just life, its no big deal really. Just put one foot in front of the other, the mountain is only as big as we see it.”  He didn’t like what I said because he is in a different space and that is ok.  But, I was happy for the change in me that I suddenly witnessed… Lately, life is not that big of a deal especially if I have my health.  I feel that everything always seems to find a balance somewhere or its time to leave the planet, so why worry?  For today, by the grace of God, I am in a good space.  I am so grateful!  I pray this awareness lasts forever. 🙂

My favorite take away from one of my most powerful books (A New Earth) goes something like this, “We know the universe is always giving us opportunities to increase our awareness… How do we know this to be true?  Because if we were suppose to be somewhere else, we would be.” ~Eckhart Tolle.  We are exactly where we are suppose to be – period. 

This month I have been focusing on Love and the power of the Heart in my Weekly Guided Tele-Meditation Group and I have had the blessing of discovering the difference between the power of my true heart and that of my mind.  The magnetic field of the heart is 100 times more powerful than that of the brain, therefore it is my mind that suffers a “broken heart” not my heart.  The heart is strong and solid and constant.  The heart is our direct connection to God/Source/Higher Power and Source is bigger than any emotion.

I’ve come to learn that my heart is not seduced by emotions either, that is the manifestation of my mind creating plays and stories about how things are suppose to be.  It isn’t that we are to become emotionless beings, but being aware of the Truth is powerful.  I gained so much power in realizing that when a boy ended a relationship with me it was not personal, it was how it was suppose to be.  If my heart was in the lead back then I would have hugged him, told him I loved him, and wished him all the best on his journey.  Instead, my mind told me I was not good enough and he was an ass and “poor me”!  My mind told me the whole relationship was terrible because it did not turn out the way I imagined or wanted which was an expectation too great to be true.  Without expectation there is acceptance.  Where there is acceptance there is the power of Spirit and True Love.  The Heart is all about acceptance, the mind is all about expectations.  By transcending the mind, I have been able to connect fully with my Heart.  I have become FREE!

My wish is that you too join the ranks of Freedom whenever you can.  If you are looking for peace of mind or freedom of heart, try sitting quiet and listening to your heart.  Do not be seduced by the emotions created by the mind which has painted a very small picture of what your heart is. Go deeper into that space of oneness where acceptance is key and notice the shifts.  It may take time, so keep at it.  If you do, you will experience a freedom greater than you have ever known.

If you want to meditate more regularly subscribe to the Weekly Guided Tele-Meditation Group, and listen to the recorded meditations of the Heart!

Jennifer Wong, CHT

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