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Hope to see you next Sunday, March 9th for another Women’s Meditation and Reiki Healing.  This morning I pulled an Oracle Card for this group from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and received the “Yemanya – Golden Opportunity” message.  It goes on to state, “Important doors are opening for you right lk through them.  Like the ocean, life moves in waves and tides.  Timing is everything, so when an opportunity presents itself, you must dive in at that moment.  Everything that you’ve done to prepare yourself will accompany you.  Yet, if you hesitate or procrastinate, another opportunity will surely come along just as the tides wash in and out continuously.  Like the ocean, life is rich with variety and beauty. Enjoy experiencing its various rhythms, and allow all doubts to be washed away.” 

What I love about this card is the reminder that if we miss that opportunity, more will come just like the ocean continues to move in and out.  It seems so small and constricting to think that “I only have this one chance to do something amazing!”  This is where trusting your instincts and your heart come into play.  If we can be still and quiet, listen to our deepest value and highest voice, we will always make the right moves and decisions at the best time.  Life is EASY and it is SIMPLE.


Sinus pressure or headaches?  Hard boil a couple eggs and once they are done, cool just a bit.  Then roll on your face, temples, cheek bones, jaw, forehead and it is like a warm massage!!!  The eggs are the perfect shape and they stay warm for almost 40 minutes!  If you are not grossed out like my 12 year old, you can open them after and its a high protein snack!

Thank you for your continued support,
Click Here for a“SELF LOVE Meditation”

Date:            March 9, 2014 (Sunday)
Time:           10 am – 11 am
Location:   Blue Heron Portal
3337 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Donation:   $20
Let me know if you can make it!!! Send an email to jennifer@jenniferjade.com

or call/text 714-608-9040. Walk-Ins are always Welcome!

PARKING DETAILS:  There are 6 or 7 spots in the back parking lot.  There are a few free spots along the canyon by the nursery (not the spots at the Nursery entrance), and after that, it’s metered parking along Laguna Canyon North of the building.   Enter Bldg from the back door at the parking area.

For more information click here.    Read the  Meditation Group Flyer here.



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